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Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have a (somewhat) newfound love for the color green because it reminds me that all around me is LIFE. There is something sacred, something hopeful, a breath of fresh air, something rejuvenating and refreshing present in my ability to peep out my window and see: GREEN. It causes my eyes open a little wider and my breathing to slow as I remind myself that I, too, am a part of nature, a part of this brilliant life.

I am well aware that my head is in the clouds, but I pray that my feet never leave the ground and that my hands never stop reaching out to those around me. By that same token, I hope my feet and my hands never hold me down and that my heart can keep soaring, my mind can keep dreaming and my spirit can keep hoping for more.

There is a fire inside me that will drive me to do whatever I am called to do. Problem is... I haven't been called yet. So I suppose I should spend my time preparing to send forth my best self whenever that time comes.

The most brilliant light comes forth from darkness.

I love human beings because we are all walking contradictions. We, both individually and communally, hold within us so many contradictions. I am both weak and strong. I am both loving and fearful. I am both hopeful and despairing. I love my ability to be both (as scary as it is, as vulnerable as it makes me). I embrace humanity in its both-ness, in its completeness, in its wholeness, in its vast, diverse beauty.

Some days, I want to run away. I often envision a rustic cave or an empty room with windows letting in an overwhelming amount of sunlight. I would bring tons of books, an endless supply of blank paper and writing utensils (preferably pencils), paint, brushes, fruit, cheese, green tea, candles (and therefore my inhaler), my yoga mat, my water bottle, something with which to play music, only excessively comfortable clothing to wear over panties that make me feel gorgeous, and I would invite the people who nourish me the most to join whenever they needed refuge. Then, on other days, I realize I am fully capable of creating both physical and metaphysical spaces just like this. If you ever need refuge, know my arms (and heart) are wide open.

I love you.

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