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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

redefining faith.

I find my faith and hope both in immense joy and in the acknowledgement of pain; together, they show me the power and resiliency of the human spirit, and honestly, what is more beautiful? That power, that resiliency, that strength is divine. It reminds me that the spirit never leaves me. I am constantly in the presence of the divine. It is the "love of god working in the lives of men," as (my man) MLK said. I want to be aware of it constantly. I want to bear witness to it constantly. I want to live inside of it constantly.

I want to walk and to live in full awareness of my own humanity and, for that matter, of others' humanity, too. There is something healing, something hopeful, something restorative in humanity. I feel human lately--beautifully, peacefully, imperfectly human. I am so grateful to be in this space.

Thank you, spirit of love, for moving through me. In all my spastic ways, in all my anxiety, in all my emotion, in my need for healing, in my ever-dreaming eyes, in my timidness and in my courage, in my fear and in my loving heart, in both my giving and my receiving, in my struggles and in my freedom, thank you for moving through me always. Fill me. Without you, I am incomplete. Without you, that light in my eyes is gone. Without you, I lose that bit that makes me my most fiery self. I want to surrender to you with every breath, every step, every moment. Give me strength that I might best serve the world as a vessel of your ever-flowing grace. I am yours.

Oh, and, spirit, thank you for the skies.

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